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Explosive - Adagio for Strings (single)

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Explosive/Adagio for Strings is a rare promo single released by bond. This single had also called "Explosive" but the name was changed to "Explosive/Adagio for Strings". The single contains a remix of their song Explosive and a new version of Adagio for Strings from Classified Special Edition.

The cover of this single was deemed controversial by many fans.


Track list


Explosive/Adagio for Strings

  1. Explosive (LMC Remix)

     Composer: Tonči Huljić (1961 – )

     Remixed by ?

  2. Adagio for String*

     Composer: Samuel Barber

     Arrangement: bond, M. Glover & R. Kerr

     Inspired by Barber’s "Adagio for Strings"


Release date: 2004

Recorded: 2004

Length: ?

Label: Decca Records/Universal Music

Executive producer: Mel Bush

Producers: Tonči Huljić, Eduard Botric

* New version


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