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The first message - Christmas 2010

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A message to bond... from the bottom of my heart...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, bond!

You've opened the X'mas gift-box - This is a special gift for you. Although this wiki is so silly and still uncompleted, I tried my best to make it professional. Let's celebration this merry time together in the bond way as specially as you are...

Thanks bond, especially Eos Chater and Gay-Yee Westerhoff, and bond fans for all of your wish and good-luck to me in the recent capstone project presentation of me, I've get the mark that as high as what it can be, 94/100, as if it's a miracle. Now, I can pay more time to this wonderful project and waiting for the graduation ceremony. Again, thanks for my afford, and all of your caring, too. You're Santa Claus in me all!!!


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