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Fuego (single)

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Fuego is the second single released by bond from their album Shine. The song is based on another song called Strings Of My Heart, also composed by Tonči Huljić, which was performed by Croatian pop singer Vanna in the Eurovision Song Contest 2001.

Fuego was played in various fashion shows including Miss World and Miss Universe.


Track list



  1. Fuego - 2:58

     Composer: Tonči Huljić (1961 – ) 

  2. Fuego (Caliente Mix) - 3:38

     Composer: Tonči Huljić (1961 – )

     Mixed by Magnus Fiennes & Phil Da Costa

  3. Gypsy Rhapsody - 3:34

     Composer: Tonči Huljić (1961 – )


Release date: 2002

Recorded: Spring 2002

Length: 10:10

Label: Universal Music

Executive producer: Mel Bush

Producer: Magnus Fiennes


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