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Fab Field's Mix

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Fab Field's Mix is a promotional CD released by the classical crossover string quartet bond, specially produced for promoting Marshall Field's chain-store. bond promoted the album at a Marshall Field's store in Chicago when touring in America in 2003. They also had a promotional video-clip for this event.

This CD is currently unavailable, but you may sometimes find it be sold on eBay, usually near the Christmas time.


Track list


Fab Field's Mix

  1. Jingle Bell Rock

     Composer: Joseph Carleton Beal (1900–1967), James Ross Boothe (1917–1976)

  2. Atlanta

     Composer: Stuart Crichton, Trevor Gray, bond*

  3. Victory (Sharp Boys House Mix)

     Composer: Tonči Huljić (1961– )

     Remix and additional production by The Sharp Boys

  4. Innocent

     Composer: Andy Wright (1962– ), Mark Jolley, bond*

  5. Ride

     Composer: Eos Chater (1976– )

  6. Viva! (!Del Underground Mix)

     Composer: Antonio Lucio Vivaldi (1678–1741)

     Arranged by !Del

     Remix and additional production by !Del

  7. Shine (Bonus video)


Release date: December 2003

Recorded: 2001 - 2003 (compilation)

Length: 24:06

Label: Universal Music

Executive producer: Mel Bush

Producers: Michael Conn, Philip Larsen, Stuart Crichton

Mike Batt, Andy Wright, Mark Jolley, Yoad Nevo, Orion

* bond are Haylie Ecker (1975– ), Eos Chater (1976– ), Tania Davis (1975– ), Gay-Yee Westerhoff (1973– )


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