Gay-Yee Westerhoff

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Gay-Yee Westerhoff (born 14 June 1973) is the cellist of the all female string quartet bond.



Born on June 14, 1973 at Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, England, Gay-Yee Westerhoff is a Chinese-English.


Westerhoff studied A-level music at Wyke College in Hull and holds an Honours Degree in music from Trinity College of Music in London. Before BOND, she has performed with groups and musicians including Primal Scream, Spice Girls, Talvin Singh, Embrace, Sting, Bryan Adams, Barry Manilow and Vanessa-Mae.  Gay-Yee is a prolific composer, arranger and producer and is currently working on several composing projects, including a musical with the legendary Don Black.


Having spent the last fifteen years as a member of BOND, Gay-Yee contributed to the group many famous music pieces like "Kismet" (Born), "I'll fly away" (Classified), or "Beatroot" (Play). She also works and develops several other music projects.

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